I was born into generation of artists whose education was grounded in the simple, reductive forms of Minimalism, but also by the irreverence of neo‐dada. I choose to create works that have multiple meanings and levels of experiences. My work suggests an ‘everyday’ simplicity, through complex narrative associations and rhythmic, whimsical forms.
ed pouring
This recent work borrows heavily from figurative references; reinforced through an intentional resemblance to figures from the pre‐historic period, such as the “Venus of Willendorf”, but also the figurative sculpture of mid‐20th century abstractionists; Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, etc. I am interested a symbolic sensuousness, yet the genuine awkwardness of the human body. Recent works depict embellished male and female forms, or other phallic images found in pre‐historic cultures ‐‐ a modernization of humankind’s oldest fertility icons. They also allude to a quirky re‐representation of the absurd forms and proportions, alluding to modernist abstraction. These works illustrate fundamental humanistic qualities, revealed through a balance of voluptuousness and irrationality.